altr is a digital fashion platform that empowers brands, creators, and institutions to digitize, showcase, and commercialize fashion archives.

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altr provides physical and digital brands, institutions with a one-stop solution to showcase and commercialize fashion archives.





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Do you lack access to your physical archives or a platform to display your 3D collections? Experience your digital assets in an immersive 3D viewer, complete with comprehensive information to fully highlight your designs.

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Monetize your archive by transforming it into digital collectibles, allowing brand enthusiasts to explore, collect, and interact with your archives through virtual try-ons, augmented reality, avatar wearables, and digital-to-physical redemption options.

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Leverage data analytics to gain insights into how younger and global demographics interact with your archives, fostering connections with the community and promoting data-driven innovation.

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altr makes otherwise inaccessible archival fashion accessible, wearable in the elevated digital and physical realm. altr’s mission is to preserve fashion heritage by giving it new life and attaching contemporary relevance across digital and physical realms.


Physical Brands

Digital Brands


Legacy fashion houses, emerging fashion brands, and fashion archivists. Until now, the value of your fashion archives has been trapped in their physicality. With altr's one-stop solution, you now have the opportunity to unlock the dormant value in these archives in the digital realm.

Access archives, digitally

Instead of requesting shipping of physical archives, you can now access interactive 3D archives with aggregated information in the Digital Archive Library.

Showcase, interactively

Showcase your rich history, designs, and craftsmanship through an elevated digital realm, reaching a wider global audience with your iconic archive pieces and stories.

Monetise, digital and physical

The old becomes the most desired new again. Consumers can collect the digital version of the archive or opt for made-to-order retro versions of archived items.

Showcase and Monetize

Elevate your digital portfolio by showcasing your designs in an advanced 3D viewer. Capitalize on the growing trend of digital ownership and collectibles by leveraging our Web 3.0 technology to commercialize your designs.

Unlock Utilities

Enhance the value of your digital creations with virtual try-on, AR filters, and redeemable features. Offer customers an immersive and interactive experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Build up Community

Connect your brand with the right community and gain valuable insights into consumer actions. Build a strong brand identity and deepen customer relationships with our platform.

Showcase and monetize

Showcase your collection and reach a global audience through virtual exhibitions. Unlock new revenue streams by creating digital versions of archived items and engage your audience beyond a single visit.

Curate, interactively

Educate and inspire the next generation of creativity through an immersive learning experience. Make fashion and cultural history study more interactive, accessible and engaging with the AR and 3D viewer.

Preserve, digitally

Preserve fragile or rare artifacts by reducing the need for physical handling. Enable global and collaborative projects through the digital archive library and propel the longevity of fashion archives.

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Use Cases

The (re)birth of Web3 Venus


The (re)birth of Web3 VenusIn tribute to Thierry Mugler’s legacy in the 90s, altr has create this capsule collection, inspired from the ‘the Birth of Venus’ dress from Mugler 1995.
Digital Dunhuang


Digital Dunhuang“Digital Dunhuang” demonstrates how digital fashion makes it possible to relive history. Inspired by Chinese art heritage, Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang.
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